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Melasma Treatment Monthly Membership

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Melasma is a common skin concern that is also known as ‘chloasma’ commonly occurring during pregnancy (but can affect men and women of all ages).  Melasma appears as dark patches on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and above the upper lip.

We offer a very successful treatment program of restoring the skin to a more even and brilliant skin tone.

What’s Included With Your Melasma Membership? 

10 Melasma-Specific Laser Treatments

At Skin Secrets, we use the latest cutting-edge device from Lutronic called the Spectra.  This is an extremely effective treatment for removing pigmentation that lies deep within the skin and can be used on clients with darker skin types.

Like other types of laser treatments, Spectra is most effective at removing melasma when combined with topical therapies, which is included in this annual membership package.

This annual Melasma Therapy membership begins with weekly sessions on the Spectra, moving into monthly sessions of MicroNeedling to continue improving the radiance of the skin.


3 Melasma-Specific MicroNeedling Treatments

Skin Secrets has chosen the SkinPen since it is an FDA-cleared MicroNeedling device that is rigorously tested for safety and is the only device that is cleared to treat Hyperpigmentation / Melasma.  This treatment has no downtime, is a painless procedure and will bring back that glowing skin you have always wanted.

Micro needling for Melasma has found its place high in the treatment hierarchy because of its effectiveness. A series of treatments is used to create the tiniest of channels into the skin level where pigment resides. A hyaluronic acid solution is applied as part of the in-office treatment to create a hydrated environment. This preparation of the skin makes it more receptive to the brightening creams that will be applied at home

Suppressing pigmentation is not a one-step event. Systematic treatments at appropriate depths for your skin and monitoring of progress make a big difference in outcome. Although the process may seem prolonged, it’s slow and steady that wins the race.

This membership will space these treatments out optimally, based on how your skin progresses through the treatment protocol.  Treatment intervals will be determined as you move through the process, based on the advisement of your expert skin technician.


Medical Grade Skin Care Supplied 2 times Annually

Skin Secrets has meticulously researched every medical-grade brand of skin care currently on the market and have chosen a select few, best-in-class, science-based product lines that will improve the overall appearance and health of your skin.

All the Skin Care provided at Skin Secrets is medical grade, ensuring they are free of preservatives, perfumes, silicones etc which are notoriously found in retail brands (and can cause various skin conditions like skin sensitivity, acne, dryness etc).

The selection of Skin Care will be determined at your first appointment and will be customized to your Skin Type.

You will be offered 1 Medical Grade skin care regimen every 6 months with this annual membership.  Each regimen will range in price based on your skin concerns and will not exceed $299 each cycle.  Additional products purchased will be offered at a 15% discount.


1 Medical Grade, Non-comedogenic, Chemical-Free SPF 50 Sunscreen

Make sure your best asset is protected against aging and sun damage with the award-winning patented technology found in Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50 mineral powder sunscreen.

Colorescience makes sun protection easy with stress- and hassle-free application, so you can make effortless touch-ups all day long!

Men, children, those suffering from melasma and sun damage along with avid make-up wearers absolutely love it since it’s a powder and doesn’t cause build-up on the skin.

Included in this annual membership is 1 item, which will be provided at your first appointment with us.


1 Even Up by Colorescience

Even Up® Multi-Correction Serum by Colorescience features patented Lumira®, an ingredient complex to diminish the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and other discoloration for even-toned skin and an overall luminous, youthful appearance.

This 3-product powerhouse regimen is clinically-proven to improve the appearance of skin’s tone, texture and luminosity.  Even Up corrects pigment, brightens the skin, protects against further sun damage with its SPF 50 and acts as a primer underneath foundation (or can be worn as a foundation itself).

This multi-tasking lightweight fluid provides intense hydration and refines skin’s texture to reveal a naturally brighter, more radiant complexion.

This annual membership provides you with 1 Even Up serum which we consider a 3-in-1 miracle.


Enjoy Additional Savings with Skin Secrets

Throughout the duration of your membership, you will also receive VIP membership pricing on the following services!

15% Off Additional Facials

15% Off Skin Care Product

35% Off any Laser Hair Removal or Tattoo Removal Package (6 or more sessions)

Exclusive Membership Pricing on Coolscultping / Radiofrequency MicroNeedling and ECO2 Skin Resurfacing

*pricing and protocol for these treatments will be discussed during a separate consultation*