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Laser Hair Removal Monthly Membership

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PAINFUL?!? Heck no! Gone are the days of super painful treatments causing anxiety days and hours before the treatment.

Tired of shaving?!? Had enough fo those red bumps?

The Clarity II device is a non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free treatment of achieving permanent laser hair reduction for all skin types! You simply have to try it – the majority of people experience significant reduction even after the first treatment. Just say Yes!


What’s Included With Your Laser Hair Removal Membership? 

CLARITY II is a dual-wavelength platform for laser hair removal, pigmented lesions (sun spots), and vascular lesions on all patients.

This dual wavelength platform laser has breakthrough intelligent capabilities designed to enable faster more effective treatments for clients of all skin types, while making the treatments easier and more comfortable.  The technology allows us to remove finer hair more effectively, for the first time in laser history.

The old days of free-hand stamping for inconsistent treatment coverage are gone!  Lutronic continues to provide cutting-edge laser technology!

Small Area…$139 monthly (example: upper lip, chin, under arms)

Medium Area…$149 monthly (example: lower legs, half arms, half back, bikini)

Large Area…$159 monthly (example: upper legs, full arms, brazilian)

Extra Large Area…$169 monthly (example: brazilian & under arms, full legs)


6 Customized Facials for your Skin Type

For a very long time, Skin Secrets didn’t offer facials because of their short-lasting results.  Since then, we have carefully selected Nobel-Prize winning, Medical Grade, technology that will keep your skin vibrant and youthful all year around.

This membership offers you the opportunity to enjoy 1 relaxing, yet effective Medical Grade Facial every 3 months to keep your skin revitalized and nourished with essential nutrients and hydration.

You are welcome to peruse our luxurious selection HERE.


Medical Grade Skin Care Supplied 2 times Annually

Skin Secrets has meticulously researched every medical-grade brand of skin care currently on the market and have chosen a select few, best-in-class, science-based product lines that will improve the overall appearance and health of your skin.

All the Skin Care provided at Skin Secrets is medical grade, ensuring they are free of preservatives, perfumes, silicones etc which are notoriously found in retail brands (and can cause various skin conditions like skin sensitivity, acne, dryness etc).

The selection of Skin Care will be determined at your first appointment and will be customized to your Skin Type.

You will be offered 1 Medical Grade skin care regimen every 6 months with this annual membership.  Each regimen will range in price based on your skin concerns and will not exceed $299 each cycle.  Additional products purchased will be offered at a 15% discount.


1 Medical Grade, Non-comedogenic, Chemical-Free SPF 50 Sunscreen

Make sure your best asset is protected against aging and sun damage with the award-winning patented technology found in Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50 mineral powder sunscreen.

Colorescience makes sun protection easy with stress- and hassle-free application, so you can make effortless touch-ups all day long!

Men, children, those suffering from melasma and sun damage along with avid make-up wearers absolutely love it since it’s a powder and doesn’t cause build-up on the skin.

Included in this annual membership is 1 item, which will be provided at your first appointment with us.


Enjoy Additional Savings with Skin Secrets

Throughout the duration of your membership, you will also receive VIP membership pricing on the following services!

15% Off Additional Facials

15% Off Skin Care Product

35% Off any Laser Hair Removal or Tattoo Removal Package (6 or more sessions)

Exclusive Membership Pricing on Coolscultping / Radiofrequency MicroNeedling and ECO2 Skin Resurfacing

*pricing and protocol for these treatments will be discussed during a separate consultation*